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Export Untracked, modified, moved and deleted files from a Git repository to archive

Today I wanted to export to a .tar.gz archive all unstracked (new) , modified and deleted files from a Git repository. After some searching, I found a StackOverflow post which helped a lot. So after you cd inside your repository … Continue reading

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Windows 7 64bit ODBC Data sources

Today I was trying to create and ODBC Data Source to a database using 32 bit database drivers. When I accessed ODBC Data Sources (32bit) from Control Panel, I could not create a data source using 32 bit drivers and … Continue reading

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Copy/Paste source code from Eclipse to Microsoft Word

Today I wanted to copy and paste a piece of code from Eclipse Indigo to Microsoft Word 2007 and keep the syntax highlighting. In some cases it worked but in some other not. After searching in the webI found that … Continue reading

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