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JSON remove new lines via Linux and use it as string variable and as param in cURL POST request

Today I had to parse a JSON response in a JUnit test and then reuse it in a cURL command line call. Unfortunately I could not read the JSON response from a file or from an HTTP request, so I … Continue reading

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Linux: Extract audio and video using ffmpeg

Today I had some mp4 video files and I wanted to extract the audio and video into separate files. So to do that you can do the following: Extract audio from video file and convert it to mp3 To accomplish … Continue reading

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Read SMS directly from Sqlite database in Android

Today I wanted to extract the SMS content out of the android SMS application SQLite database using ADB. NOTE: The whole procedure was tested on a rooted phone running Cyanogenmod Android. It may not work on unrooted phones So I … Continue reading

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Import a large sql dump file to a MySQL database from command line

Today I had to import a very large SQL dump file (6 Gb) to a MySQL database using windows command line. If you are using linux it is the same. The process is the following: Open a command prompt (or … Continue reading

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Install Raspbian Wheezy Linux to Raspberry Pi using Linux

Επιτέλους! (at last! in greek) After a month and a half of waiting, I received my Raspberry Pi! Now I am going to show you how to install Raspbian Wheezy Linux into your Raspberry pi! To complete this task I … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Debian Linux useful commands

UPDATE! Post has moved to https://manios.org/2012/08/10/ubuntu-linux-useful-commands

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