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Nginx https reverse proxy to WordPress with Apache, http and different port

Today I had to hide a WordPress 3.8.1 blog behind an Nginx reverse proxy configured to use only https. Nginx was behind an external firewall which forwarded https://bob.org:8080/blog to Nginx using https (port 4443). The difficulty was that whe WordPress … Continue reading

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Change timezone to Apache server , PHP and MySql in XAMPP

I have installed XAMPP in my Windows machine and I want to alter the timezone in Apache HTTP server, PHP module and MySql in order to see proper dates in server error.log, access.log and php_error_log output. After some searching I … Continue reading

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Java get file size and download using HTTP

Today I wanted to download a file using Http protocol but before that determine its size. First aff all I open an Http connection and get file size using Content-Length header (see getFileSize method). Then I download the binary file. … Continue reading

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