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Read SMS directly from Sqlite database in Android

Today I wanted to extract the SMS content out of the android SMS application SQLite database using ADB. NOTE: The whole procedure was tested on a rooted phone running Cyanogenmod Android. It may not work on unrooted phones So I … Continue reading

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MySQL connection ERROR 1129

Today I had to configure a MySQL database cluster and I faced the following error ERROR 1129 (HY000): Host ‘’ is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with ‘mysqladmin flush-hosts’ while I was trying to access a MySQL instance … Continue reading

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Import a large sql dump file to a MySQL database from command line

Today I had to import a very large SQL dump file (6 Gb) to a MySQL database using windows command line. If you are using linux it is the same. The process is the following: Open a command prompt (or … Continue reading

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Change timezone to Apache server , PHP and MySql in XAMPP

I have installed XAMPP in my Windows machine and I want to alter the timezone in Apache HTTP server, PHP module and MySql in order to see proper dates in server error.log, access.log and php_error_log output. After some searching I … Continue reading

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Windows 7 64bit ODBC Data sources

Today I was trying to create and ODBC Data Source to a database using 32 bit database drivers. When I accessed ODBC Data Sources (32bit) from Control Panel, I could not create a data source using 32 bit drivers and … Continue reading

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SQL Server Select Table information

Today I am going to show you how do we obtain schema information in SQL Server 2005/2008. If you want to select all table names from a specific schema you need to use sys.tables and sys.schemas tables. For example I … Continue reading

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SQL Server Truncate All Table Data

Today I want to truncate ( delete all table data) in a large SQL Server database instance. Plain delete statements are not going to work as there is a big number of constraints which do not allow that. After quering … Continue reading

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