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PowerBuilder Datawindow Grid delete selected rows efficiently

Today I wanted to delete the selected rows of a datawindow grid in Powerbuilder. When I say delete I wanted just to remove them from the screen and not from the database. I used deleteRow(long row) function but it was … Continue reading

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Perl UTF-8 and Regular Expressions

Today I wanted to explore Perl’s Unicode and regular expression capabilities, so I wrote down this simple script. It is quite amazing how simply Perl handles strings and regular expressions! Otherwise you have to use multiple sed or egrep commands … Continue reading

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Java Calculate Orthodox Easter Date

Today I wondered if there is an algorithm to calculate the date of Orthodox Easter. After some searching in the web I found the algorithm and converted it to Java code.

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Ubuntu Debian Linux useful commands

Updated: 2015-09-08 Change keyboard layout to support both English (US) and Greek (GR) Audjust monitor brightness and gamma Find top 10 largest files in / Source: cybercity Find IP without using ifconfig Run logrotate Curl get http code and store … Continue reading

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Java get file size and download using HTTP

Today I wanted to download a file using Http protocol but before that determine its size. First aff all I open an Http connection and get file size using Content-Length header (see getFileSize method). Then I download the binary file. … Continue reading

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PowerBuilder 10 Get and Set System Language

Today I wanted to retrieve the selected system language from PowerBuilder 10. To accomplish that I had to do some search in the web. After a long period I found this post in Google Groups. It seems that Powerbuilder datawindow … Continue reading

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